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Choice of Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Linguini or Penne Rigate
Available as Entree (E) or Main Course (M) gluten free pasta $2 extra entrée $4 main

Aglio e Olio - Garlic, extra virgin olive oil & chilli E 18.9 M 25.4

Bolognese - With beef ragu, red wine, homemade Napoli sauce and Italian parmesan cheese
E 20.4 M 26.4

Napoli - Our delicious homemade Napoli sauce E 18.9 M 24.4

Carbonara - Egg, bacon, spring onions, cream and Italian parmesan cheese E 22.0 M 28.4

Pollo- Chicken, avocado, spring onions and basil pesto tossed in a rose sauce  E 23.0  M 30.4

Marinara - Tossed with fresh prawns, mussels, calamari, garlic & extra virgin olive oil with our homemade Napoli sauce E 25.0 M 32.4

Salmon e Vodka - Smoked salmon, vodka, spring onions, homemade Napoli sauce, cream & Italian parmesan cheese E 25.0 M 32.4

Creamy King Prawn- Avocado, smoked salmon, pinenuts, king prawns and spring onion tossed in a white wine and cream E 25.0  M 32.4

Mano's Signature Dish- Chilli prawns, cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic tossed in a rose sauce     E 25.0 M 32.4

All' Amatriciana - Bacon, tomato, spring onions, chilli and Italian parmesan E23.o M 30.4


Risotto e Al Forno

Risotto Funghi - Arborio rice with creamy porcini mushrooms and baby spinach E 22.0 M 28.4

Risotto Marinara - Tossed with fresh prawns, mussels, calamari, garlic & extra virgin olive oil with our homemade Napoli sauce E 24.5 M 31.4

Gnocchi Napoli - Freshly made potato dumplings with our homemade Napoli sauce E 20.4 M 26.4

Gnocchi Bolognese - Homemade potato dumplings with beef ragu, red wine, Napoli sauce & parmesan cheese E 22.0 M 28.4

Gnocchi Quattro Formagfio- Homemade gnocchi in a creamy four cheese sauce featuring blue vein, parmesan, mozzarella and provolone E 22.0  M 28.4

Lasagna (only available as main course) - Traditional homemade pasta sheets layered with a beef & pork mince bolognese sauce & béchamel M 28.4

Cannelloni (only available as main course) - Rolled lasagne pasta filled with spinach & ricotta cheese topped with our homemade Napoli sauce & béchamel M 28.4

Ravioli-Spinach and ricotta Ravioli tossed in Napoli sauce with fresh basil E 22.0  M 28.4


Seafood - Piatto di Pesce

Barramundi Fillet - Fresh fish grilled and served with rosemary potatoes, baby spinach, red onion and cherry tomato salad, with lemon buerre blanc 33.5

Seafood Trio Grill - Fresh fish, prawns and Moreton Bay bugs with aioli sauce served with salad 56.9 

Calamari Fritti- Lightly floured, fried and served on a bed of rocket with aioli 29.9

Chilli Prawns-Served with shallots, chilli, garlic and Napoli sauce on a bed of rice 29.9

Garlic Prawns- Cooked in the classic style with virgin olive oil, garlic, cream, parsley and brandy, served on a bed of rice 29.9

Seafood Platter for Two- Fresh fish fillet, oysters natural and kilpatrick, pickled seafood, grilled prawns and bugs, smoked salmon, calamari, chilli mussels, chips and salad 135.0


Meat Dishes - Piatti di Carne

(all dishes served with vegetables & Italian rosemary fried potatoes)

Scallopine- Tender veal medallions served with your choice of;

Funghi - Tender veal medallions served in a mushroom, shallot & white wine sauce 34.9

 Gamberi - Tender veal medallions served in a brandy cream sauce with prawns 39.5

 Saltimbocca - Tender veal medallions served with Parma ham & sage cooked in white wine 34.9

Veal Parmigiana - Crumbed tender veal topped with ham, tasty cheese & homemade Napoli sauce 33.9

Chicken Parmigiana - Crumbed breast of chicken topped with ham & tasty cheese & homemade Napoli sauce 29.9

Chicken Breast - prosciutto wrapped chicken breast stuffed with provolone cheese and herbs served with creamy garlic and white wine sauce 33.9


Eye Fillet Steak (250gm) Grilled to your liking with your choice of;

Reef and Beef -  Tiger prawns, Moreton Bay bug, brandy in a creamy garlic sauce 49.9

Fillet Mignon -  Wrapped in bacon and crowned with mushroom sauce 39.9

Steak al Pepe Verde -  Green peppercorns, cream and cognac sauce 39.9

Steak Diane -  Onions, garlic and Worchester sauce 39.9

Steak Gamberi-Brandy cream sauce with prawns 44.9

Black Angus Porterhouse (300gm) grilled to your liking with choice of-

Filet Mignon  34.0

Steak al Pepe Verde  34.0

Steak Diane  34.0

Steak Gamberi  39.5

Reef and Beef  44.0

Side Dishes - Contorni

Vegetables, Garden Salad, Asparagus and Broccolini, Italian Fried Rosemary Potatoes 7.5

Bowl of Chips Small 4.5    Large 7.5


see staff for gluten free and vegetarian options


Kid's Menu - Menu per Bambini

(for children under the age of 12 years) $10.9

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Calamari & Chips

Chicken & Chips

 Fish 'n' Chips